Ganesha revisited


My wife, perhaps a little bit like the great Goddess of old, spends her peaceful days and nights breathing life into simple clay.

Here we are sharing some of that Sweetness.

May the Earth forever smile in Her abundant Innocence.




8 responses to “Ganesha revisited

  1. Beautiful words, beautiful art. Thanks for sharing that, Ed!

  2. what an art ! really vibrant ! loved the sculpture ! of gods nd goddesses ! mother bless !

  3. Baills Martine

    Thank you for this beautiful Video

  4. Carolyn Vance

    strong, light, joy-giving vibrations flowing both from visual and audio !

  5. Lovely and very COOL
    thanks for sharing

  6. Amazingly full of vibrations.. I felt like Ganesha was being created by Parvati all over again… Completely bowled over.. true art…

  7. wonderful, thank you Edward and Brigitte

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