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If you could wake up tomorrow feeling your heart wide open, your mind clear and fresh, and with your worries and problems suddenly appearing easily manageable – and all that, as a perpetual state that you can’t pay for, or run away for – wouldn’t you take a minute to find out how it would be possible?

Twenty-six years ago, I learned that each of us has a special power waiting inside that would simply love to lift us up from just surviving, to really thriving. We have heard about the magnificent effects of this benevolent energy from the founders of all the world’s religions, and from other great souls who have spoken down to us from spiritual heights, urging us to feel our potential within. There’s been much ado lately about universal secrets waiting to be revealed to each of us. There is indeed a very special ‘secret’ awaiting our attention. It is very simple, very powerfully constructive, and easily attainable. Its essence is love, as we have never known love until now.

Every day, for over two-and-a-half decades, I’ve taken a few minutes to investigate this inner phenomenon, which I first encountered one day back in my troubled youth. I am continually surprised, as I was then, that it is possible to clearly feel the state of yoga, union, which unites our normally limited perception with the beautiful, unlimited awareness that has always been just beyond our grasp –and that, through an effortless, inborn process called sahaja yoga in ancient Sanskrit. It seemed to me at first unlikely that something of this importance would not have already been popular, but it became obvious that we as a species have only recently become ready for this essential step in our evolution. Over the years, I’ve seen how it has become steadily easier for fellow human beings to attain this state of self-realization, which begins spontaneously when the energy, long known as kundalini, rises up the spine from the sacrum bone to the fontanel at the top of the head. It normally does so when coming into close proximity of a person who already has this subtle awakening, and one has a sincere desire to know one’s true nature. I have felt, countless times objectively and subjectively, how the gentle vibrations, emitting from the hands and head as a cool breeze, increase in strength as this process of integration is fortified through regular meditation.

I feel very fortunate to be familiar with this dynamic process, and would encourage everyone – friend or foe – to pay attention to this opening now. This is a doorway wide enough for all. Open your hands, palms upward, and sincerely pray in your heart that you may know your true self. And don’t be surprised to then feel a lovely cool breeze and distinct sense of new beginning flowing through you. This is what we came for.

Every age has its greatest discovery. The greatest of all is inside of us.

Edward Saugstad

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