Tell it like it is

May I just take this moment to address an outrageous and mean-spirited show of aggression against something infinitely precious.

For the past few years, a handful of individuals and a couple of fundamental religious organizations have been zealously feeding scandalous, misleading information to the public about Sahaja Yoga and its founder, H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Through the mixing of half-truths and confusing lies, these people (some of whom I once knew personally) have managed to paint a dark image of something that is as close to pure light as anything can get. (At least five of them are using this smear campaign as a platform to build personal followings.) Unfortunately, this misinformation has become easily accessible via the Internet (several private websites, but also in Wikipedia), and in some cases has turned innocent persons against that which may have greatly benefited them had they not been previously misled.

I’ve been involved on a daily basis with this amazing, grassroots phenomenon of Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous, inbuilt union) for over twenty-six years – not just subjectively and locally, but objectively and globally. I’ve become close friends with hundreds of persons from all walks of life and religious backgrounds in over thirty countries, all of whom are gratefully and freely involved in this, and I have had the great privilege of meeting and traveling with Shri Mataji and seeing and feeling the effects of her spiritual generosity. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy sharing with everyone we meet the joy and love we experience every day as a result of Shri Mataji’s incredible work. We have a son who attended Sahaja Yoga international schools for many years, and is a balanced, dynamic and much admired model citizen.

I did experiment with many damaging forms of knowledge in my youth, and I know better than many what is harmful and what is beneficial to one’s health and stability. The things that happen in cults and sects are extremely dangerous and should be exposed. I was so lucky to find Sahaja Yoga, through which I was actually able to diminish and eventually remove all the internal damage done by previous detrimental practices. It’s a simple, natural process available to anyone free of charge, and Shri Mataji, from my experience, is the most sincerely loving and self-sacrificing personage one could ever hope to meet.

Sahaja Yoga is a transparent, benevolent phenomenon, and it is high time that the truth prevails about it. It can only be known clearly within, and not through distorted media.

History shows us the long trail of malicious assassinations and attempted discrediting of anyone/anything revolutionarily good and holy. Let’s hope that trail comes to an abrupt end on the hope-filled landscape that shines before us.


(p.s.- I don’t know about you, but I’ve got an old mom back home who’s a kind, loving person that’s influenced a lot of people positively in her long life. She’s not perfect, but I would be totally pissed off if someone started dragging her name through the mud with unfounded accusations or twisted facts. There are spiteful human beings out there who would do anything to publicly paint their hateful opinions over the canvases of others’ lives.)


Press Release:
Sunday, 25 May 2008
Justice Rules In Favour of Sahaja Yoga in Belgium
The Belgian High Court has condemned, in a substantive judgment, the Belgian State to pay compensation to the Sahaja Yoga Association, which has been wrongly considered as a sect in an official act dated March 2005 (as announced on Friday, April 25, 2008 by the De Morgen, De Standaard and Le Soir newspapers in Belgium). The Information and Advisory Center on Harmful Sectarian Organizations (CIAOSN) had issued a defaming report on this meditation movement. The justice had already condemned the public organisation in a provisional judgment in June 2006. The substantive judgment now confirmed that the CIAOSN lacked objectivity and has damaged the honour and the reputation of the association.

Self-realization in the Middle East

An Austrian Sahaja Yogi (and professional martial arts trainer) shares self-realization – kundalini awakening – with the Crown Prince of Ras Al Khaimah. Dubai, May 2008

Anyone can feel self-realization

Two shopping mothers enjoy the cool ‘vibrations’ emitting from their babies’ heads after self-realization. Vienna, May 2008

collective meditation

Police officers meditating at a Sahaja Yoga program in Bodhgaya, India (where Buddha once attained his self-realization). May 2008

natural, spontaneous process

A German Sahaja Yogi raises the kundalini of his neighbour at a fair in Innsbruck. Later, when a passerby asked this man who the lady – Shri Mataji – was in the photo at the crowded adjacent stall, he replied smiling, “Ich glaube Sie ist Liebe” (I believe she is Love). May 2008

one of many letters of congratulations

Letter of felicitations from the Prime Minister of Canada for Shri Mataji on her 85th birthday. March 2008

Obama's letterLetter of felicitations from President and Michelle Obama for Shri Mataji on her 86th birthday. March 2009

Shri Mataji and her husband, May 2008

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji, May 2008

12 responses to “Tell it like it is

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  2. Great post, very honest and clear.

  3. Excellent Post. Clear and to the point. Might be great to also sight many of Shri Mataji’s distinguished accomplishments including being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

  4. Hi Edward,
    I believe that we only need to become stronger.
    More light => less darkness!

  5. Rabi Ghosh

    Such candid confidence can only emerge from a Sahaja Yogi that Shri Mataji desires from each of us. Great site/blog and indeed is a great inspiration to many of us at least me personally to reflect something like this in future which I never thought of before. May Thy be done !

  6. The Time has come now when the Truth will prevail and with the help of the Divine it will emerge out in the open , exposing all that is false,negative & harmful. A great attempt to bring to the masses the news of ‘The Advent’ for which everyone was & is waiting.

  7. Kudos, Ed

  8. Thank you Edward.

  9. Mathura Nath Jha

    Satyameva Jayate Naanrtum,truth only triumphs,nothing else.
    Every Sahaja Yogi and Yogini is a power which can establish mother’s domain in the hearts of every living being on earth,through bandhans,prayers and a strong desire of action.The writings such as this are meant to dispel the darkness of ignorance.
    Thanks Edward.

  10. Yes, the truth will always give you an inner strenght to hold on too;
    and righteousness will give you an inner satisfaction – always.

  11. Confident words conveying the clear meaning. Thanks Ed.

  12. Thank you, important to rectify wrongs; very beautiful and and from the heart.

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