Shri Mataji, Sahaja Yoga and I Ching

The passing away of H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (23 February 2011) and the spreading of Her blessing to humanity, self-realization through the grassroots movement of Sahaja Yoga, according to the ancient Chinese oracle, I CHING:

Hexagram 8. Pi / Holding Together (Union)



The waters on the surface of the earth flow together wherever they can, as for example in the ocean, where all the rivers come together. Symbolically this connotes holding together and the laws that regulate it. The same idea is suggested by the fact that all the lines of the hexagram except the fifth, the place of the ruler, are yielding. The yielding lines hold together because they are influenced by someone of strong will in the leading position, a person who is their center of union. Moreover, this strong and guiding personality in turn holds together with the others, finding in them the complement of [Her] own nature.
HOLDING TOGETHER is something joyous and means mutual help.


HOLDING TOGETHER brings good fortune.

Inquire of the oracle once again

Whether you possess sublimity, constancy, and perseverance;

Then there is no blame.

Those who are uncertain gradually join.

Whoever comes too late

Meets with misfortune — their way is at an end.

What is required is that we unite with others, in order that all may complement and aid one another through holding together. But such holding together calls for a central figure around whom other persons may unite. To become a center of influence holding people together is a grave matter and fraught with great responsibility. It requires greatness of spirit, consistency and strength. Therefore let one who wishes to gather others about him/her ask oneself whether he/she is equal to the undertaking, for anyone attempting the task without a real calling for it only makes confusion worse than if no union at all had taken place.  [Those who wish to further this precious cause, must be as balanced, clear and pure of heart as its distinguished founder.]
But when there is a real rallying point, those who at first are hesitant or uncertain gradually come in of their own accord. Late-comers must suffer the consequences, for in holding together the question of the right time is also important. Relationships are formed and firmly established according to definite inner laws. Common experiences [in this case, the inner transformation of self-realization] strengthen these ties, and those who come too late to share in these basic experiences must suffer for it if, as stragglers, they find the door locked [when the natural, collective breakthrough in our spiritual evolution is reached, establishing a new state of collective consciousness, incompatible with the old, lower awareness].
If someone has recognized the necessity for union and does not feel strong enough to function as the center, it is his/her duty to become a member of some other organic fellowship.


On the earth is water:


Thus the kings of antiquity

Bestowed the different states as fiefs

And cultivated friendly relations

With the feudal lords.

Water fills up all the empty places on the earth and clings fast to it. The social organization of ancient China was based on this principle of the holding together of dependents and rulers. Water flows to unite with water, because all parts of it are subject to the same laws. So too should human society hold together through a community of interests that allows each individual to feel him/herself a member of a whole. The central power of a social organization must see to it that every member finds that his/her true interest lies in holding together with it, as was the case in the paternal relationship between king and vassals in ancient China.


Six in the fourth place means:

Hold to [Her] outwardly also.

Perseverance brings good fortune.

Here the relations with one who is the center of the union are well established. Then we may, and indeed we should, show our attachment openly. But we must remain constant and not allow ourselves to be led astray.

Nine in the fifth place means:

Manifestation of holding together.

In the hunt the king uses beaters on three sides only

And foregoes game that runs off in front.

The citizens need no warning.

Good fortune.

This is the image of a ruler whose followers gather around [Her] from natural instinct. [She] merely makes manifest what is inherent in each individual [in this case, the inbuilt spiritual power of Kundalini].
In the royal hunt of ancient China it was customary to drive up the game from three sides, but on the fourth the animals had a chance to run off. If they failed to do this they had to pass through a gate behind which the king stood ready to shoot. Only animals that entered here were shot; those that ran off in front were permitted to escape. This custom accorded with a kingly attitude; the royal hunter did not wish to turn the chase into a slaughter, but held that the kill should consist only of those animals which had so to speak voluntarily exposed themselves.
There is depicted here a ruler, or influential person, to whom people are attracted. Those who come are accepted, those who do not come are allowed to go their own way. [She] invites none, flatters none — all come of their own free will. In this way there develops a voluntary dependence among those who hold to the ruler. They do not have to be constantly on their guard but may express their opinions openly. Police measures are not necessary, and they cleave to their ruler of their own volition. The same principle of freedom is valid for life in general. We should not woo favor from people. If a person cultivates within him/herself the purity and the strength that are necessary for one who is the center of a fellowship, those who are meant for him/her come of their own accord.

Six at the top means:

He/she finds no head for holding together.


The head is the beginning. If the beginning is not right, there is no hope of a right ending. If we have missed the right moment for union and go on hesitating to give complete and full devotion, we shall regret the error when it is too late.

————————Changing into:————————


Hexagram 35. Chin / Progress



The hexagram represents the sun rising over the earth. It is therefore the symbol of rapid, easy progress, which at the same time means ever widening expansion and clarity. In terms of human society, it indicates a wise ruler with obedient servitors at [Her] side.


PROGRESS. The powerful prince

Is honored with horses in large numbers.

In a single day he is granted audience three times.

As an example of progress, this pictures a time when a powerful feudal lord rallies the other lords around the sovereign and pledges fealty and peace. The sovereign rewards him richly and invites him to a closer intimacy.
A twofold idea is set forth here. The actual effect of the progress emanates from one who is in a dependent position and whom the others regard as their equal and are therefore willing to follow. This leader has enough clarity of vision not to abuse his/her great influence but to use it rather for the benefit of the ruler. The ruler in turn is free of all jealousy, showers presents on the great person, and invites him/her continually to the royal court. An enlightened ruler and an obedient servant — this is the condition on which great progress depends.


The sun rises over the earth:

The image of PROGRESS.

Thus the superior one him/herself

Brightens his/her bright virtue.

The light of the sun as it rises over the earth is by nature clear. The higher the sun rises, the more it emerges from the dark mists, spreading the pristine purity of its rays over an ever widening area. The real nature of a man/woman is likewise originally good, but it becomes clouded by contact with earthly things and therefore needs purification before it can shine forth in its native clarity.

(translation by R. Wilhelm / C. F. Baynes, Princeton University Press 1977)




3 responses to “Shri Mataji, Sahaja Yoga and I Ching

  1. AMAZING is the word!

  2. Margaret Merga

    Thank you for this beautiful and timely message!

  3. Devan Chetty

    I thought I had come to terms with Shri Mataji leaving us, but the picture of Mother leaving Cabella just brought all the emotions of February bubbling back!

    Jai Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Nirmala Devi !!!

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