it’s different this time

In answer to a shaman’s explanation that these are unprecedented spiritual times, and we can all become one with God and gain complete control of our lives….

True, but, taken out of context, it’s impossible to comprehend. This has all been repeated again and again, which leads to a dead-end because it can all only be achieved by becoming. This is information that can only push us to our two extremes of left and right in us that we’re used to swinging to, and ends, as history shows, in either feelings of inadequacy or arrogance. This can’t be reached by thinking, but by becoming established in the center – the present – and unlimited thoughtless awareness (mental silence). That is simply and naturally built into each of us. This mechanism is triggered by the energy that exists in us for that specific purpose, rising up our spine (the central channel) and opening the energy center in the limbic area of our brain, thus connecting our awareness to the all-pervading power that created us.

Stating facts is impressive, but it’s time to deliver, otherwise we just go in circles again, bouncing back and forth on relative thoughts from our ego and conditionings (the two brain hemispheres). Anyone can easily achieve actual self-realization through that natural process of awakening and  silent meditation, but the point is that it has to tangibly happen inside.

Sincerity and enthusiasm are not enough. Every person has the unprecedented opportunity to reach enlightenment now, but it’s a very specific process, not just some wonderful knowledge to get excited about.

Best wishes for all,


(posted on Facebook, 28 March 2010)

One response to “it’s different this time

  1. Kim Waite

    There is so much that one can “try” to do and have the illusion that enlightenment is here. Yet once it is glimpsed , and the recognition that the mind is useless for “being” ….the beacon of light has entered as a home-coming recognizable journey….then metaphors are the closest to words that this place can be described!The best a mind can be is open.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes Ed ❤

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