*small miracles*

In a world full of hatred, anxiety, confusion and sorrow, a ray of hope comes shining through with the knowledge that the next generation will get it right. . . .

free flight

New York:

We were two groups of two, introducing Sahaja Yoga simultaneously in two classrooms of children age three to five. There were twenty children in each group, accompanied by their teacher and a teaching assistant. Our children and their teacher were sitting in a circle on a red carpet. The two of us sat opposite each other in the circle. A colorful chakra diagram of a child in lotus posture was placed on a display panel in front. Children of many different nationalities were present.

We started the session by asking if they For Youcould take off their shoes. The shoes were placed behind them, and we proceeded to guide the children in stretching exercises, one of which was stretching up their arms several times and wiggling their fingers in the air. At the end of the stretching, which lasted no more than two to three minutes, the children were told to shake out their wiggles in their hands and feet, so they could sit calmly in lotus posture. We then introduced the idea that a star was shining far up in the sky, and how they could reach it, by first putting their attention on a seed that was at the bottom of their spine, and that by raising it up, up, up it would come up to reach the sky. Then, we asked them to raise their right hand (the teacher added, “your writing hand”), which they all did, and I told them to put their hands on their hearts. I asked them, “Do you know what is in your heart?” One of them said, “A flower!” and I asked, “Yes, but what else?” to which she replied, “It’s love. This is where you feel the love of your mommy and your daddy, your teachers, and others.” We then asked them to close their eyes and feel the love. The teacher helped by directing the children to do as they were instructed. Then we went around and checked the children’s vibrations and helped raise their kundalinis by lifting our hands slowly up behind them, to a point above their heads. I also worked with the teacher. She felt the cool breeze after the kundalini awakened, and was very positive about the experience. The children eventually became more silent, and some of them experienced very clear and peaceful meditation. The whole room became calmer as the soft, cool vibrations permeated the atmosphere. Love EveryoneThe children all seemed to enjoy this new state. When they opened their eyes, they were asked to put one hand, then the other, over their heads to check if they felt the cool breeze. Some children said they did; others said they felt the flower, and so on. They were told that they could send the love they felt in their heart to others and to the whole world. Their teacher exclaimed that they would start each day with feeling the love in their hearts. Finally, the children were shown how to raise this love from the seed using the hands to pull it up over their heads, so they could enjoy it whenever they wished. We all parted, smiling and hugging each other, and really connected


Last Friday I had the pleasure of giving realization to 25 eight-year-old 3rd graders, at my son’s school in New York. I briefly talked about the mothering quality of mother earth and how it nourishes us, that we also have mother earth inside of us called mother kundalini, and we can feel it in the form of a cool breeze. These children became very attentive. They told me that they wanted to have the experience of the “Cool Breeze”. I asked them to place their hands on their hearts and close their eyes. You could imagine a classroom in silence. cool kidI asked them to say quietly, “Mother kundalini, please come in my heart”. After a few minutes, as they opened their eyes, they placed their hands over their heads and you could hear them, “wow, so cool!” They all felt the cool breeze and commented that they felt “peaceful”, “calm” and “calmer” inside, including the teacher who had previously invited me to do the meditation with her class. Then, at the end of the session, they asked many interested questions about who is “Shri Mataji” (the founder of Sahaja Yoga, in the photo), “Could I do it at home?” “What do the colors mean on the hands and feet?” (on the diagram) and “What are the colorful flowers (chakras) for?”. The teacher even suggested that I do it for the other classes because of the beautiful results. Yesterday, I met with the school’s principal who apparently knows about kundalini and expressed an interest in Sahaja Meditation. We are now planning a date to give realization to the entire staff.
Always joyful giving joy!

Heart Flower


I’m a Sahaja Yogi from Madrid. I’m thirteen, and I’d like to tell you about my experience of giving realization in class at school, together with my twin brother.

It was Religion course, so the teacher started talking of spirituality, of Buddhism, etc. At the end of the class I told him, “I’d like to propose something. I’ve learnt a meditation technique that helps when you’re stressed and that would be great for the guys in class so that they wouldn’t be so nervous when we’ve got exams. Would you like me to try this meditation technique tomorrow?” The teacher answered, “Sure! Me too – I’m really interested in that.” On the following day, I started explaining about the channels, and the Kundalini energy, and I started giving realization to thirty classmates. I was feeling very good vibrations. I was feeling kind of a tremendous love. When it was all over, they were all so happy. Some girls were crying with joy, and a few others hadn’t felt anything. But I was feeling really happy after giving realization in class.childen enjoying kundalini awakening One of the girls told me she had felt a lot of things, like a tickling all along her spine, and when it got to the top, she felt a lot of peace. Another boy felt heat on his palms. Another one felt a pressure on the right side of his face. One of my classmates started coming to the course and is really happy. He started giving realization in class a week ago, and meditates every day. The teacher raised his hand over his head and felt as if something was coming out of it. He is very happy with the experience and, above all, he took it seriously. I thank Shri Mataji for helping me so much: I’m shy, but I felt really strong and I didn’t feel embarrassed in front of my classmates. I feel really happy about having found Sahaja Yoga and feeling all that tremendous motherly love in order to be able to pass it to others and give realization with such joy. Since last Friday, when my brother and I gave realization in class, our classmates have been asking questions. Some of them brought some information about Sahaja Yoga from the internet; others meditate, and two more teachers are interested. Next Friday, Angel is going to show them how to balance the channels. Maybe it will go on spreading little by little until it reaches the director. I feel a lot of joy!


Los Angeles:

About three months ago, my wife was asked by one of the teachers at our kid’s school if she would like to offer a meditation class for any interested children. After school they offer various activities, and my daughter’s teacher had noticed that she was somehow more balanced than the other kids.

The fist class was in November, and the turn out was great: sixteen kids and they all loved it. So much so, that when the following week came, they were asking our daughter questions about what they would be doing that day, and saying how much they enjoyed it. Then came the second class and my wife again had sixteen kids come. Some of them were benefiting from the experience, and they really loved it. Also, some of the parents commented on how much calmer their kids were after the class. Then came Christmas break and so everyone was off.sweet dance Last week the teacher asked my wife if she wanted to continue with the class. There had been a little bit of a conflict of after school activities because one of the other fathers decided to have a chess club on the same day, so my wife was not sure if the kids would want to meditate, or go to the chess club. But the teacher informed her that she had already received 12 inquires for meditation, so my wife agreed. Everything was great, and at this point we were so happy that such an event was happening in LA. After all, how precious it is that we can possibly save these young children from the strife of our world; and the fact that they want such a subtle experience is a wonder. But this morning my wife was sick, and as we sat around the breakfast table we were discussing how we needed to call all the parents of the children that would be coming today for meditation, and let them know that it would be canceled. They would need to know so that they could pick up their kids right after school, instead of an hour later when the meditation class would have been over. But then our 11-year-old daughter quickly insisted that she would do it. So all was settled with nothing to worry about. Despite the fact that our daughter was nervous about leading the meditation on her own, everything went wonderfully, with twelve kids attending. One girl told her that she was amazed that she had felt something like a very gentle coolness going up her back, and then she felt the cool wind coming from the top of her head. My daughter told me that she was happy that all the kids liked it so much. I just want to share this wonderful moment that happened today, as an eleven-year-old gave self-realization to twelve other kids in America. kids meditating United Kingdom:

My seven-year-old son was asked by his teacher to do a presentation about Sahaja Yoga to his class. So last Wednesday he brought all the things he felt were necessary, including leaflets, some incense, and a cd with santoor music. elephant and childHe set everything up and asked the other children to open the palms of their hands and listen to the music. The track started and ended with the sound of river water.child feeling the breeze After this, he asked who had felt any cool breeze coming out of the top of their heads. Fourteen felt cool blasting, and two felt heat. Oliver got those who felt cool to help raise the kundilinis of the two that didn’t. The children then asked him lots of questions like, Who is Shri Mataji? (the founder of Sahaja Yoga) Where does She live? What are the vibrations? Can you play the music again?!! He did, three times. He explained that the kundalini is a loving, motherly energy, and is natural. This was the last lesson of the day and as I waited in the school playground I felt the vibrations of the school had changed and felt much softer. His main teacher came over to me and said that Oliver had done a presentation and he had missed it, so would he please do it again tomorrow, to the whole class, so he could see what it was all about! So Oliver did. The head teacher felt the cool breeze flowing very strongly. This was Oliver’s leaving present to his class. He starts a new school next week.


On Wednesday, we went to give self-realization at a special high school for troubled youth. They incorporate bootcamp-intensive outdoor activities weekly. These activities help the students develop resolve and self-confidence, which helps them with the other parts of their lives. There were two different sessions. (The first for grade 11s + 12s, the second for grade 10s). The experience was greatly appreciated by all the students + the teachers (about 20 people in total). The first class had a chance to have four guided meditations, and each time their experiences got stronger and deeper, and the vibrations were really amazing. Some of the students kept exclaiming “I love meditation!”, and there was a lot of sincere questions about how it could help them with ADD and ADHD. During their ‘recess’ some of the kids came back in so that they could meditate some more! The second class also went well, and everyone was able to experience cool vibrations and feel more calm. And the best part is: students and teachers in both classes were also open to including meditation as a part of their morning routine!


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  1. wonderful and inspiring experiences indeed.

  2. very beautiful happennings- nice way of giving realization to very small kids in New York, by children for children in Madrid & spontaneous act at LA

  3. V. uplifting and encouraging…. Let’s desire that as many seeds as possible become love- trees with branches tickling the stars.

  4. I thought this was amzing….pls share this with our meditation group and anyone else who may be interested…

  5. Aru I thought this was beautiful…pls share this with our meditation group and anyone else who may be interested.
    love and light,

  6. I felt so happy that little children can help other children get their realization – this is soooooo sweet, thanks Edward.


    very true heart touching and progressive always…LOVE GODLY!

  8. Mairi Campbell

    Beautiful to read, thank you.

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