world peace

Despite the fact that the world family is growing closer and closer together in communication, love and understanding, there are still certain hot-spots on our planet that require patient, collective attention. One such healing wound is called Cyprus. In mid-January, 2009, the voices of a few international artists and enthusiastic children brought cooling balm in the form of ‘Elephants for Peace.’ This was the beginning of a world-tour art/peace project created by German artist and historian, Rose Marie Gnausch, and the Art Initiative Naturalmente RoMa.

My wife and I were honored to be present for this inauguration, to be able to share our creative talents for such a noble cause, and to meet so many local, influential people whose hearts are set on peace for future generations. The next event in Cyprus will be along Ledra Street in Nicosia on both sides of the border – May 9 and 10, for the one year anniversary of this border opening – before the growing exhibition moves on to other countries. Here’s my little film collage of the initial ‘sprouting’ (higher resolution, 480p,  can be selected at the bottom after you start) …

if that doesn’t work, go to this address and wait a few minutes for high resolution streaming before playing:






7 responses to “world peace

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  2. Way to go Ed!

  3. Beautiful! Loved your video!

    Karen from Sooke

  4. Beautiful ! I simply adore Brigitte’s Ganeshas.
    Hope to have one some day with me to emit vibrations.

  5. Cousin Cindy

    Awesome! (That’s my cous’) I’ll be sure to forward this on to the other relatives, Edward.

    You two are wonderful people and I’m honored to be a small part of your connection.


  6. Wolfgang / Kartikeya

    Great event! Love it!
    U 2 r truely ambassadors of the new awarness.
    The aus. Aboriginies always had an individual story and a dream to carry with them through there lives. I can see that very much in yourselfs.
    Wolfy / Kartikey

  7. I enjoyed your movie and as I search deeper into family ties I have come to understand that we are all closer realted and connected than we ever imagined. We should keep that in mind in our treatment of each other!

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