A few million years ago, when I was an earthworm contentedly tunneling my way through the Garden of Eden, a little idea occurred to me . . . well, more of a spark, actually – the inkling of an idea. (I guess I was experiencing the beginning of a new, common trend.) I thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to be free to gather new experiences and evolve into something higher, in my own freedom? I’d like to try out something, anything, two-legged for starters. Then I’d like to try, hmmm, intelligence (whatever that is); and eventually, with the power of my imaginative desire and collective, benevolent action, reach the very highest: the Wondrous Source that caused me to be . . . Yeah – enlightenment – I could dig that. . . .
Well, it’s been a long journey. I’m glad to be here in your company, fellow primordial-earthworm. I must admit, there were times I thought that I/we wouldn’t make it, but here we are at last. I have only one regret here at the true beginning, and that is although I did somehow, through luck or destiny, manage to stumble across the natural key key to open that promised higher door in myself, I’m quite blown away to look around and find so many others locked up in little black boxes, fumbling along in hopelessness. It sort of smothers the sense of fulfillment at reaching the goal – an anticlimax that can hopefully still be rewritten. I was kinda’ hopin’ that we would, you know, like, take off like butterflies at the turning point – something colorful and beautiful and breathtaking. Actually, it’s subtle and easily stumbled over and missed in the modern congestion. In any case, this metamorphosis is available to all, not just a chosen few.
I’m not budging till you make it, so if you need a hand, I’m here waiting for you. We have to make it happen together. It’s time for that now. Breathe in the cool, liberating fragrance of the new Eden. It’s not a dream – it sprouts within.


2 responses to “^Ascent^

  1. Yes, it is the right time to get transformed into a free bird, and it is only a matter of a free will. All the rest is our Creator’s job. Let us all wish it!

  2. What a glorious feeling to to sense the sweetness of the Self…it changes you ….fills you with peace. This is the truth…..as mystics and saints have pointed to for ages. Turning inwards we begin to see the light, we are the light.

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