GANESHA ~ a parallel

Alpha & Omega

Ganesha is a Child, like Jesus Christ is a Child.
In the morning of the world they smiled, and the sun shined, and all beautiful things grew.
They are pure as snow.
Each and every soul, they know.
They are of the same Essence.
Their Parents love to hear them laugh.
When they are happy, we too are happy.
They are born of eternal love.
They are one.
Look to your Elder Brother, the very foundation of all things.
He smiles in you.

Ganesha’s Innocent Eye


8 responses to “GANESHA ~ a parallel

  1. I like it

  2. Manisha Patel

    Very beautiful,like it

  3. What a beautiful site. So much knowledge, so much love!

  4. wonderful site……..

  5. Konstantyn Korotych


  6. its very nice …wonderful

  7. Sandip W Chaudhari

    It’s really beautiful and auspicious.

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