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“Happy Birthday!”🌞

Brigitte and I have our birthdays just 2 1/2 weeks apart in mid-winter. Look who greeted us this year!

Brigitte Saugstad Ganesha Happy Birthday


“Happy Festival of Light 2021!”🌞🎆


(Everything Is Not About ME!)



hOMe is where your OM is



It’s a new year???

some days …

life is a stage

Life is a stage —
Act your part
With all your heart


Christmas 2020

(Bernie Sanders coming back as President Santa in four years!)

trumps and president-elect bernie santa

the name’s Blond, Ed Blond

I’m considering applying for the job of playing James Bond in the upcoming movies. What do you think my chances are of being accepted for the position? Too old? Too tall? Too non-violent? Too silly? Too Canadian? ….

The name’s Blond, Ed Blond….


endless thanks …


I’d just like to cast this heartfelt ‘thanks‘ out to everyone who’s made my birthday (and my life) an amazing occasion!

Much love, Ed 🙂


elegant laborer-musician SirEdWord




Spring has finally SPRUNG!

The Amost Amazing Flying Carpenter

wishing you and yours a very corny Christmas!



Oh boy, here we go again!



(click on YouTube, then in the wheel —Quality, HD— to see it in high definition)


(Ed’s version of the Christmas Song is available for free download here …)


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(and Mousie Marvin’s Rainbow Christmas …)


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let’s lighten things up somewhat with a wee bit of Beatle-ing around


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a short loony break (in case life is just getting too serious for you)

What Happens When?
(On Silly Farm)

What happens when the clock strikes ten
And all the mice jump in the rice?
Mr. Cat comes out to play
And chases all those mice away.

What happens when the cow and hen
Watch TV at half passed three?
The farmer’s wife wakes quickly and
Brings a snack of bread and jam.

What happens when the horse named Glen
Drives the tractor like an actor?
Farmer John, in striped pyjama,
Films the scene with movie-camera.

What happens when the whole pig-pen
Is filled at eight with birthday cake?
Everyone will dance and play
And eat that yucky cake all day.

What happens when they all pretend
That dogs are cats and frogs are rats?
All of them will sing and laugh
And ride around on tall giraffes.

What happens when the lamb with pen,
Writes this poem and sends it home?
All the other lambs will shout,
“Silly farm! You should get out!”

~Sir Ed Word


and you think YOU’RE having a bad day (10)


bad day-2

bad day-1












Merry Christmas! from the Prime Minister of Great Britain


a last minute bit

of Christmas cheer


~click on the dancing Prime Minister~

PM dancing video




sometimes I wish I could just hug whoever made this wonderful world

then there was rhythm

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and you think YOU’RE having a bad day (9)



and you think YOU’RE having a bad day (8)



wireless mouse

wireless mouse









Loud Sound

girls are crazy!

Take That Back!

Girls are crazy,
They’re always so lazy.
They walk around logs
And hate big bull-frogs.

They think boys are brats
Because they like rats,
And bring home dead snakes,
And make some mistakes.

In school they chatter,
The teacher’s no matter.
They try to look wise,
And watch you like spies.

The older you grow
The more you will know:
Girls are crazy!

– award winning poem by Eddie Saugstad, 1968, age 11/grade 6


. . . At least, that’s what I thought about the snobby or flirty creatures in my eleventh year. I did grow to respect (some of) them. I remember a couple of instances in my youth when I found that a girl looked up to me as a supportive brother figure. It gave me an unaccustomed dignified feeling inside. I still enjoy similar relationships to this day, and find them a relief and stabilizing factor in a world of promiscuous addiction.

Here’s a nice article by – at the risk of sounding cliche, but meaning it from the heart – a wise sister:

Does male-female friendship exist?
That is one of the questions that preoccupies the pretty heads of the western society in the last centuries. . . .


(By the way, the indignant little girl with the exclamation mark is my wife.)




Thanks for being born!

Here’s a little birthday present for you . . .

birthday mousie

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… or on the Christmas mousie for Christmas greetings


christmas mousie