wishing you and yours a very corny Christmas!



Oh boy, here we go again!



(click on YouTube, then in the wheel —Quality, HD— to see it in high definition)


(Ed’s version of the Christmas Song is available for free download here …)


(ctrl+click audio file)


(and Mousie Marvin’s Rainbow Christmas …)


(ctrl+click audio file)


6 responses to “wishing you and yours a very corny Christmas!

  1. Sharon dekker

    Thanks ed put a smile on my face this morning, merry christmas and happy new yr to you and yr family

  2. Doug and Linda Dzus

    Well done sir !! Best wishes from the Mayne Island gang. { Dzus`s }

  3. Deeelightfull 😉 Danke Ed & Brigitte und ein Fröhliches Weinachten zu dier..

  4. Shelley Shaw Cermak

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Ed….. Thank you for your video it brought back many memories .. 🙂
    Health & Happiness for 2015

  5. Leslie and Akbar

    Awwwwe, too too sweet and fun 🎄🎁⛄️🎅 Merry christmas and happy new year!!! LA

  6. Cheryl McWilliams

    That was really special Ed and Brigitte!! I gather that was you singing Ed!! Good job, didn’t know you had such a good voice. Thought it was Bing Crosby at first! Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!! And same to Lincoln!! Love, your big seestor Cheryl, and Bev. 🙂

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