converting old locked iTune music files M4P to MP3

For Mac users, here’s how to get rid of those old locked M4P music files, converting them into more versatile MP3 files, using iMovie and iTunes.





5 responses to “converting old locked iTune music files M4P to MP3

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  2. Are these directions written out somewhere?

    I’m having trouble following them, in part because when I open iMovie and drop in a photo, the view doesn’t look like the view you have in the video. I’m using iMovie HD 6.03 and I have two views available, “Timeline Viewer” and “Clip Viewer,” neither of which bring up a view that looks like yours with the 3 panels over 2.

    So when you say “make it a bit longer” at about 0:35, what are you doing? I see you’re right-clicking to bring up the contextual menu, but I can’t quite read the option you’re selecting even with the video maximized to full-screen – it looks like “Clip Adjustments”? When I right-click on the photo I dragged in, I get “Edit Photo Settings” but no “Clip Adjustments” option.

    I also can’t find any audio options to set when exporting to QuickTime. There’s no “options” button on the dialogue box that comes up, and I didn’t find anything in the Preferences. My QuickTime export is only saving as a .mov, not a .aif.

  3. Hi SA,
    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – I’ve been on tour in Europe and just started answering all my piled up electronic messages!
    I can only advise you using iMovie ’09, version 8, as I can’t downgrade to try out an older version. Here’s an image showing the file save function in this version of iMovie.
    Hope this will eventually help you!

  4. Thanks for the tip. Really usefull. M4p files always annoy me 🙂

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