one autumn evening in the Vienna Woods …


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13 responses to “one autumn evening in the Vienna Woods …

  1. Don Saugstad

    I’m watching and hearing this as I’m reflecting today on our late Father’s birthday. Inspiring, enriching..Thanks Ed.

  2. thanks for the reminder, Don — now i know where the sudden inspiration came from 🙂

  3. Awe inspiring, beautiful!

  4. Wonderful, amazing vibrations from the music and video

  5. Beautiful

  6. Toni Williams

    beautiful Ed!

  7. Nice and sweet

  8. Wonderful!

  9. Ed what can I add to the previous comments? Perhaps just a thank you for your awe-inspiring music. One day (by ‘Her’ grace) we will all have this depth and inspiration you show us – Thank you.

  10. sweet 🙂

  11. All I could think as I listened and watched was how your dad would have loved this….. so beautiful so timely God Bless you . Linda

  12. Sigrid Grill

    Lieber Edward!

    Das ist eine wunderschöne Musik,die du spielst. Berührt wirklich das Herz!
    Lässt mich eintauchen in die Liebe in ihrer reinen Form.
    Danke! Sigi

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