for your momentary amusement (a handwritten Internet post)

My KritaYuga diary 2016-6-26

shareholders' apocalypse


26 June 2016 (93 ABSM)

Here we are smack in the middle of the Year of the Fire Monkey (Chinese Horoscope) with mysterious planets on the outskirts of our solar system wreaking havoc on our outdated patterns. Corruption is being exposed left, right and center, as the Monkey of Light howls with amusement.
Seekers of Truth and Justice in the new nation of America are encouraged to challenge the powerful Matrix, hopeful to slay the multi-headed Monster of Greed that’s steering everyone over the abyss, while slightly out-of-touch citizens (mostly old hobbits) in the olde Mother Land, the newly ‘Divided Kingdom’, vote to jump free-fall out of the chains of the European Union bureaucracy.
Personally, I look forward to a simpler, poorer, quainter England. A place to go to get away from the hubbub of modern life. The original ‘Shire’, where down-to-earth folk love to sit back and enjoy a good fireside tale over homegrown food and drink — beyond the intrigues of empires.

If NATO doesn’t declare war on Russia and China, this promises to be a fine year indeed!

Best wishes (pure desires),
Your friend in this abundant moment,
Eddie 🙂

On a recent train journey through the UK, this rather profound bit of verse came to mind:


If I could count
All the rabbits in England
Tum, tum tee-tum
Tummly-tum tee-too.

(Wunts a ponatyme)

5 responses to “for your momentary amusement (a handwritten Internet post)

  1. wonderful brother!! You really chilled me up. I am Chinese sign Monkey and this year of the Monkey, it is no easy for us, and I live in UK, that now it is just a broken Heart and this how I feel too, so many things not very nice are happening in this year of the Monkey, I have to pray the Monkey God, Shri Hanumana to give the strength to over come all the challenges and to heal my heart! JSM, please give us a bandan. I hope see you soon in Cabella at the Academy, and I wish I can afford to buy one little Shri Hanumana from your wonderful artist wife, in this year of the Monkey, so I pray that the next 6 months will be more Lucky for all the world!! Thanks! JSM

  2. ah… breath of fresh air…at last someone who sees the positive in this event! …yes, its all good, eventually

  3. my dear ed. you re such a great artist!
    i just love what you re doing 🙂

  4. My dear brother Ed,
    Nice to see that you are listening to your heart and putting prose to paper and sharing it for our amusement. You are truly a communicative artist.. Let’s schedule our long overdue session in the coming weeks. Love from Hong Kong..

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