when the heart takes to flight

As mentioned at the beginning, the human heart is a veritable treasure chest of wonderful surprises, still lying buried under our layers of conditionings and projections. When the subtle key rises up the spine to unlock the gate at the top of the head, we start a new, enriched life full of the treasures of joy and spontaneity. Once released from it’s bonds, it will fly you on to beauty undreamed of. . . .

the flight of a freed heart

6 responses to “when the heart takes to flight

  1. Wow, a blast of positive vibes. Great post!

  2. Thanks for taking time out from your successful screen-writing career to drop in, Steve. That you can actually feel and enjoy these (once) mysterious, cool vibrations is indeed a mutual joy bringer!

  3. Great visuals in this film. Is it a short or a music video?

  4. It’s a fan’s collage from Micheal Ende’s ‘Momo’ (a genius’s universal masterpiece).

  5. wonderful video! enjoyed a lot! thanks for sharing, dear friend – your posts are always such a jewels…

  6. most welcome 🙂

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