in the Land of Light

Cool Hands

Radiant Mother Earth

On my way home today from my twenty-first pilgrimage in India, loving hand workI suddenly became aware of the renewed lightness of my body. Not that I had lost physical weight on the journey, but it was clear that I had left behind heavy, invisible waste which has been replaced with a light, soft breeze of Vibrations. It never fails to amaze me how that country, known by some as the Kundalini of the Earth, emits this subtle, enlightening Force. And it’s not just the refreshing change of pace that a vacation brings. I’ve traveled a great deal and found, as have many others, that this part of our planet, including the Himalayas, the Birth Houseis apparently the only place that has this divine quality to this intense degree.breath-taking Mother Earth

Next time you want to really lighten up, take a trip to this magical, ancient land (avoiding the heavy tourist-ized and religious-ized locations). Spend some time attentively absorbing that which the super-charged natural elements there have to offer. You will learn something new and valuable about your Self.

India by Night

P.S. – While you’re subtly taking in the best that Mother Nature has to offer, keep the grosser daily consumption to bottled water and cooked food … to avoid distracting digestive disorders! (and don’t forget to use mosquito repellent)

3 responses to “in the Land of Light

  1. Twenty-first…
    Lucky you.

  2. this is the best ad for India one can make 🙂 I like the point of getting vibrated and lightened… may be my post on cool vibraitons can support it:

  3. Mathura Nath Jh

    An Indian sahaja yogi like me can’t write such a beautiful piece on India.
    A day will come(in our lifetime)when all the countries will befit such a description,such is the power of love of our mother flowing through us all.

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