drummin’ for all the lonely …

When I woke up this morning, this new rhythm was vibrating through me. I would like to dedicate it to all unsung, lonely children and adults out there, waiting to someday be hugged. May the day come soon, when no human being feels unloved.

(The bass is my heel on the floor – heard best through a proper set of speakers – and the rest comes from my fingers on the desk)

with much (needed) love,


2 responses to “drummin’ for all the lonely …

  1. just listened to your drum set and think we should have a drum off, but i need a drum or fix the broken one i have . I’ll still kick your butt. ooooh yaa! LOVE, YOUR BROTHER GLENN!

  2. hey, little bro’ – if we were still taking classical piano lessons, I would beat you any day of the week!

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