festival of Light on the ‘spiritual Ganges of Europe’

Here’s my short film on the first annual Culture of the Spirit festival, where East meets West in a beautiful, rural river valley in Italy.

It’s been found that pure, absolute Spirit is in essence joy and love, that brings a rewarding sense of clarity to ones perception. This phenomena was felt by the hundreds of visitors and participants at this event, brought on by the subtle beauty and light of the performances and exhibitions, and intensified by the simultaneous collective experience.

A science presentation revealed that distant cells communicate with one another, and that this process may happen through the medium of light. If we are all ascending into a new, more transparent and joyful state of awareness, this may indicate that we are to be increasingly empowered to communicate by means of the light in and around us.

Could there be anything more beautiful and fulfilling than discovering whole new ways of sharing creative love on unlimited, powerful wavelengths, and perhaps to find our dormant brain functions spring to life with undreamed of comprehension of playful reality? We may have yet to discover what it actually means to be fully functional human beings. Even our genes, which are changed by mundane experiences and passed on to future generations, can now be constructively altered for our optimum spiritual growth by connecting ourselves to the deepest Vibrations, from which all life emerges.

This meditative weekend generated unique inspiration that brings the promise of great things to come.

Meet you next summer in the Borbera Valley, the ‘Ganges of Europe’!

Note: Hold your hands open, palms up, while watching this film, and see what you feel.

(Hint: A cool breeze would be ideal – to actually feel Light!)

(p.s.~ Some of the artworks seen are from my wife! … Ceramic sculptures …)





9 responses to “festival of Light on the ‘spiritual Ganges of Europe’

  1. Tremendous Joy & Beauty!

  2. Thanks Ed, that’s fantastic to see Cabella again!
    JSM!!! Susi B

  3. Deepa Mahajan

    Thanks . It was wonderful.

  4. I loved your movie Ed. Thanks for letting me know.
    I wish you the best and hope to see you someday

  5. This movie is great.
    Thanks Ed.


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  7. Light of Love!
    We posted it with deep joy on https://nirananda.wordpress.com/
    more people to enjoy it.

  8. Thank you – enjoyed it very much. x

  9. Sahaja painter who has participated in the 1st Culture of the Spirit festival .

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