Have you ever been to London, that pulsating, international heart on the fabled Anglo-Saxon island?
My wife and I just returned from a memorable excursion there, and life will never be the same for us again. It wasn’t just the historic art treasures that lifted our awareness into a new level of creative enthusiasm. There’s something in the air and earth there that the residents probably aren’t even aware of – a kind of universal sweetness that penetrates the mind and heart of the innocent visitor. A childlike royalty and the feeling of ascending the steps of an ancient tower to view a breathtaking landscape. Simple, humorous melodies and lyrics that make you want to smile at everyone. The rhythm of the loving Earth-heart.
We came away with an inner lightness and optimism that we look forward to expressing in our daily artistic work.
It probably depends upon what you look for when you go there. Look for inspiration, and you’re bound to find it.

One response to “enchanted

  1. have always wanted to participate in a spirtual journey through the sacred places. of course a few crop circles would always be great.

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