on the lighter side of life

With the world sliding full speed into the gravest scenario since a meteor walloped it, wiping out all manner of species, we thank heaven for comedians (especially the Canadian variety). Only a highly evolved race can laugh at itself as it teeters on the edge of extinction. If we’ve taken ourselves too seriously at times, it’s only because we forgot to listen to the tiny Jim Carrey or Dan Aykroyd jesting inside. I mean, come on, did we really think we could defy all constructive perimeters of existence and get away with it indefinitely? We are indeed a laughable lot! Well, hopefully some eleventh-hour humble introspection and meditation will bring out the very best in each of us, and bring a rosy hue to the prospects for the coming generations.

fun 'n' games!My wife and I find ourselves constantly playing funny role improvisation (it’s probably out of survival instinct – the only way to survive if you both live and work under one roof!) We are living proof that only the body ages … the soul keeps getting younger and sillier. After I’ve had a particularly good morning meditation, I feel like a small kid in a universal Disney land, with creativity and mirth springing out of my every pore. We may think it would be highly irresponsible to let children run the world, but what about the children inside us, with the important advantage of all our years of practical experience and knowledge. Just add the wisdom, common-sense and benevolence of a child (okay, my two-year-old was also definitely not ‘benevolent’, but you know what I mean), and we could steer the ship of humanity into more peaceful waters.

As the desperate, tearful child said in a CNN interview this morning, after he and his mom lost their home to the Recession: “PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO START HELPING EACH OTHER!”

Where there’s the capacity and a heartfelt will, there’s a way.


4 responses to “on the lighter side of life

  1. what a good post!…powerful.

  2. Veni Grig

    Pure desire to get transformed into a highly evolved race is the only solution indeed!
    It, however, is not a simple mental wish! It is awareness on deep subtle level and human hearts have to open to it after getting Realization, after growing and maturing.
    SY practitioners have to reach the state of harmony between their heart and brain, and to start feeling their Self Spirit, and acting out of their True Self (not out of their ego or superego). My hearty wish is all this to become true, and to match The Absolute Truth as soon as it is possible, in order this world to be saved from the destruction!

  3. eddiestack

    Great post Ed, I was at a buddhist seminar during the week and these thoughts were aired. Seems like minds are echoing all over the world.

  4. yep learning from children…or from the child in all of us and ourselves…wisdom from innocence…im all for it…apparantly that’s how the American Indians learnt to make teepees by watching children playing with sticks and leaves..i helped a 5 year old girl who had her hands full tie her shoelace on Friday..even though she assured me she would not trip on it… and it was the highlight of my week!!!

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