2012 … dawning of the Age of Common Sense?


Love is that self-perpetuating force which renews everything, forever replenishing hope with spontaneous, living miracles. There will never be a scarcity of inspiring sunrises (illuminating clean air), budding roses (genetically unmodified), baby giggles (untainted by pornography), mirthful leg-pulling among friends (transcending racial prejudice), or generous helping hands in moments of need, as long as that precious force is allowed to thrive on Earth.

As soon as all the scales of malice and discontent have fallen away from human hearts, we will find out how good life can truly be.

Best wishes for you and yours in this historic year of inner transformation,

Edward Saugstad


3 responses to “2012 … dawning of the Age of Common Sense?

  1. What a gentle message of Love ! Just pours the joy of Love with new and refreshing hope to unite the whole world into oneness. 2012 will really start the age of mass awakening of the “Common Sense” truly said by you and not the doom most people are scared of.

    Thank you so much for beautiful words for humanity.

  2. Life is so much beautiful and is spread all over in the Nature the Mother of life..Life is the Joy of Love of God.God came and went but how many of us heard the Her voice? Yet Her voice is reverberating with Love and all will hear in 2012 the year of hope and of mass emancipation !

  3. Toni Williams

    Life is good, Ed.
    It is all in the way you live it. Thanks for your good wishes. May you feel equally blessed.
    xo, Toni

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