Eddie’s Vancouver ~ 1958


I arrived on this planet — in the wild West — when Elvis was King, and hamburgers, beer and cigarettes were the source of inner happiness.
It’s been a long, uphill struggle, sometimes fun, and sometimes miserably hopeless. But when I look inside myself right now, I feel peace and gratitude.

It’s not over yet.
Luckily, I believe in happy endings.

Thank you for being here now, on my birthday.
Not to sound cliché,
But as an Aquarian,
I’m allowed to say
I actually love you all!

Best wishes,


15 responses to “Eddie’s Vancouver ~ 1958

  1. Happy Birthday Ed. And many more!

  2. Denise Surowski

    What a great video of Vancouver 1958!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. What great times they were!!! Happy birthday from Vancouver, big brother!

    Lots of love, from your little brother, Don (& Mary)

  4. Happy birthday Eddie, from those of us in Vancouver 2012 ❤

  5. Anne=Michelle

    I love the montage! Happy Birthday Ed!

  6. Ed: Loved the video (and the C-FUN jingle)! Yes, I was born in Vancouver in 1950, so in 1958 I would have been eight years old — old enough to remember all the places, sights & sounds you’ve gathered together for the video. Great memories, great times! Thanks, man!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY; dear Ed!!! Enjoy many more years of bliss, peace and oneness…LOVE!

  8. Happy Birthday, brother!! Let many more divine memories (like the chicken legs from Mother’s prasad in Prague) fill your heart and being with endless JOY of paradise.

  9. keep on groovin’, Captain!


  10. many thanks to all

    i’ve got my cake, and i’m eating it too!


  11. Great stuff. Love those 50’s classic cars 🙂

  12. Awesome video Ed! “Those were the days, oh yes those were the days”

  13. Hi Ed,
    Happy Birthday! Love the video. I was born in Van. in 59, and raised there till I was almost 13. Then we moved to the beautiful Sunshine Hills. Love to hear from other Vancouverites. All the best!!
    Anne Savage
    P.S. Look’in Good, Ed!!

  14. I think the things you post are a wonderful form of art. now tell us all what did you do on your birthday?
    What did you learn in2011?
    Love Linda

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