fairy tale beach wedding


29 years ago today

on a tropical beach

there was a wedding….


3 responses to “fairy tale beach wedding

  1. Linda Saugstad

    This is just so beautiful. I only wish 29 years ago on your wedding day your Mom and Dad had chosen to be there with you. I am glad that Barb and your Dad were able to come to visit your home and that I was able to facilitate their time together by looking after the motel and your Dad’s business. Eric watched and waited for your messages. He printed everyone out and kept them in a file. He showed everyone the photos you sent, the cards you made and wanted so badly to visit the your” house in the woods”. It was my plan to purchase a ticket for him in the summer of 2010 and I was tucking money away for that, unfortunately he passed away before I could save enough. I miss Eric very much. He was the gift of life and hope for me. He was my best friend and he loved me unconditionally’ as he did you and all of his children and step children.
    May 2015 be a magical year for you and your family
    Blessings and Love
    Linda Saugstad

  2. That’s amazing! ….wow, happy anniversary, you two

  3. you both are so beautiful and everything that you create,- and for me you are really a strong part of the foundation of SY! I´m very grateful and happy to be your sister! Wishing you many, many more happy and creative years together!!!!
    Lots of love Jutta

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