surprises out of the misty past

It’s never easy losing loved ones (I’ve lost both my parents, Eric and May, as well as my lifetime spiritual teacher, Shri Mataji, in the last couple of years — as told here further down the home page), but sometimes, when the pain has subsided, it’s inspiring to come across unexpected glimpses into special forgotten moments with them. Here’s a recently discovered video that I didn’t even know existed, in which my father happily appears out of the misty past one very special day in 1983. I’ve posted the video here in its entirety because the meditation public program presented is valuable for anyone seeking inner tranquility and balance.

And below is my short image-compilation decorating a song (in praise of the universal, nurturing Mother) written and composed by Shri Mataji — rendered here by the bass player of a famous European gothic-rock band with some friends. (Another version is by the Vienna Boys Choir)





3 responses to “surprises out of the misty past

  1. True Edward.
    It’s never easy losing loved ones – whether the living or the departed, even though they survive anyway, in our consciousness, in a soft and subtle way…
    is what I experienced when I ‘lost’ Shri Mataji and my father within a span of a fortnight.
    At the same time, such inevitibilities not only reminds us value of life & relationships and enrich our conscience but also partly offset the ‘presumed’ loss.

    Thanks and love to all,

  2. Michael Pelchat

    My dear and beloved friend/brother, my heart went thump reading the misty path, not only for you but also for family members that I have cherished, having the pleasure of their kind friendship in my life. Words cannot express the compassion I feel towards you, but I also know that it is our turn soon to dance into the infinity. In the deepest part of my heart I feel that what has been lost will once again surround us in a most marvelous state of being. So one tear for now, and one tear for the joy of the future. M.

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