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Sir Ed Word Designs Amazon t-shirts

In case you ever wondered if it would be possible to enjoy Brigitte Saugstad‘s beautiful statues wherever you go:
Now you can!
If you live in the USA or Europe, just visit one of the three following Amazon addresses that go to:

Sir Ed Word Designs

Pick your size and colour, and order away ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

(new designs will be uploaded often!)

โ€”for U.K. and Europe:โ€ฆ

โ€”for Germany and Austriaโ€ฆ

โ€”for the U.S.A:
(ignore the two irrelevant books on this page!)โ€ฆ


“Happy Easter!”

Behind every single resurrection there smiles the same power: Love
โ€” may all your inner-upgrades be subtle and everlasting!

Prime Minister Atkinson – 2019


Rowan, do us all an unforgettable favour and run for the office of prime minister of the UK
(and, for God’s sake, win โ€” PLEASE WIN!)

Truth is stranger than fiction!:

Weโ€™re briefly interrupting global corruption for some good will and valuable comedy entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰



“Happy Springtime 2019!”

winter’s last rain

all things green sprout suddenly after the last winter rain, here on the threshold to Narnia …

40 Year Challenge

(on my birthday, today)

โ€˜Sir Ed Wordโ€™ with his Self-realisation 2019

โ€˜Ed the Headโ€™ with his elf-realisation 1979

(I survived the โ€˜60s, the โ€™70s, the โ€˜80s, the โ€™90s, the โ€˜00s and โ€” so far โ€” the 2000-teens!)

2019: the year of Inner Peace

“Happy New Year!”

(meditate to regenerate)


Like millions of dew drops, each perfectly reflecting the morning sun, may every cell inside me naturally reflect the Heart of God.

I will no longer be divided from Her by my two arbitrary balloons of ego and conditionings.

Her promise to me is healing equilibrium and eternal Union.

Unconditionally do I accept my destiny divine.

Mother …

or here: